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Paul Roberts

Senior Mechanical Systems Engineer

Paul is an engineer working in space robotics, using science…

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Margarita Marinova

Sr. Mars Development Engineer

I am on a team that’s planning for how people will go to and…

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Doug Forbes

Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Doug is all about doing astronomy – & helping teach…

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Paul Wiegart

Astronomer and Associate Professor

Paul gets a dual role – teaching and research – and gets to…

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Rob Cardinal

Research Associate in Planetary Science

Rob specializes in developing high-performance computers and…

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Charlotte Armstrong

Science Event Coordinator

Charlotte coordinates events that celebrate science, nerd…

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Jan Cami

Associate Professor, Astronomy

Jan Cami teaches and researches about his passion – astronomy…

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Franz Newland

Assistant Lecturer, Space Engineering

University teaching, service and some research in spacecraft…

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Sylvain Laporte


Sending astronauts to space, building an instrument to scan…

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